Squirrly WordPress SEO Plugin offers you the ability to edit your website’s JSON-LD Schema by easily offering you a powerful semantic SEO markup solution.

Simple and flexible, without the need for you to dive into the actual code. It’s time to impress that Google’s Structured Data Markup Helper and skyrocket your website’s SERP potential by using structured data!


Not many know the real power of JSON-LD. Yet, this is about to change slowly. In our days and age, people navigate through mountain-loads of information. And when throughout that river of data the fact that something glimmers or not can make the difference between getting lost downstream or become part of the mainstream.

JSON-LD is simply making data more accessible. Not just for humans, but also for machines. And Google is powered by such machines.

Let’s face it, crawlers are not true Artificial Intelligence yet. They can easily miss information us, humans might find vital.

By using JSON-LD, you can highlight various important details of your website to the search engines. Potential which would otherwise remain untapped.

Does JSON-LD as a semantic SEO markup solution sound complicated? Well, it isn’t. At least, by using Squirrly, it becomes incredibly simple to implement. You don’t even need any coding skills.

It looks great on SERP!


Have you ever wondered how some businesses or even your competition manage to have extra information when displayed in the search engine results page? Or how Google knows to generate that interesting additional information which appears on the right side?

It’s all about structuring the data! And with the JSON-LD feature that Squirrly SEO Plugin smoothly offers, you can do just that.

All you have to do is enable the JSON-LD semantic SEO markup meta from the settings and then simply fill in the necessary fields. It’s that easy!

Next time your website will get crawled, Google will be able to offer your future customers that additional information which can make a difference. Remember, it all can start with a simple search.

Voice Answers, Maps, and Google Now

You might be missing on all of those. Old markup techniques are sometimes simply not enough.

But, by adding JSON structured data to your website, it ensures that information is more accessible and easier to understand by these new technologies.

Constant mobility and the fastening development of new gadgets and tech guarantees a prominence of mobile usage. This slowly makes voice search and other features like maps a part of the everyday life. And naturally, an opportunity for you.

Semantic SEO Markup


The Internet is evolving. So is Google. And this means so is SEO.

As search engines become smarter than before, the importance of keywords is slowly diminishing. Offering quality content and human-relevant information to their users is becoming more important.

In this whirlwind of change, you need to stay flexible and to structure your data beyond just a simple keyword optimization into bits of information that represent clear and concrete concepts, so that your website won’t get misinterpreted and lose valuable organic traffic.

Using JSON-LD will make you avoid that. And with Squirrly SEO Plugin, you can optimize for both Organizational and Personal data.