Get an Efficient Duplicate Removal Tool. No Coding Skills Required

Are you looking for a tool to fix identical meta-information reported by Google’s Search Console?

Are you having a hard time wrapping your head around how Google explains the issue?

We’ve got you covered.

Squirrly’s newest WordPress SEO Plugin also gets you an efficient duplicate removal tool to fix your duplicate meta descriptions or meta titles.


Easy, Fast, User-Friendly, No Coding or HTML Skills Required

Google puts a lot of value on user experience. It means that if your website is lacking certain descriptions which cause Google’s crawlers to index the wrong pages, you might suffer.

Squirrly helps you with that. Especially if you’re new to the ‘science’ of meta descriptions.

Our duplicate removal tool fixes all your duplicate meta titles, descriptions and tags with a single click. That’s right! Turn the feature ON and you can focus on more important aspects.

Squirrly adds the correct canonical, next, and prev tags in the page header, so Google can find the right meta-information without giving you a lower rank in SERPs.

To avoid any further duplicates, it is advised to use Squirrly’s Snippet Tool to enter unique meta title and descriptions, instead of auto-generated ones.

Squirrly goes even deeper and it also removes old Open Graph, Twitter Card and even rich pins meta might appear from other themes or plugins you have previously used.

Are you ready to rank higher and get more organic traffic?