Improve Your Online Presence By Knowing How Your Website Performs In Terms Of Blogging, SEO, Social, Authority, Links, and Traffic

We used to call the weekly site performance audit our users receive from Squirrly, an SEO audit. That was until we realized we’re offering so much more.

How The Squirrly Site Performance Audit Works

  • Each week, you receive a score for your site based on several things we analyze, such as blogging, SEO, social, traffic, links, authority.
  • Every section has a few tasks that need to be completed. All the info you see there is 100% Focused on helping you improve your score. 
  • For each task, we give you tips on how to fix them if they require attention.
  • You can send the audit to team members who can help you fix certain issues.
  • Request a new audit every hour for PRO version users.
  • See the evolution of your score.

What We Analyze For Blogging

  • Average content optimization. This shows you an average content optimization level across audited pages. 

Weekly Traffic

  • Top 10 Pages this Week. See which audited pages have brought the most visitors to your site in the last week. 
  • Page Traffic. This shows you which audited paged are performing poorly in terms of generating traffic so that you can come up with a plan to improve their performance. 


This part of the Audit takes into account over 20 critical aspects
that heavily influence your chances of ranking, including:

  • Duplicate Titles
  • Duplicate Descriptions
  • Empty Titles
  • Empty Descriptions
  • Title Tags
  • Description tags
  • The presence of meta Keywords
  • Page load time
  • The current index status of your URLs
  • and many more. 


Social signals have increasingly become more and more important for Google. That’s why we look at:

  • Which are your Top Shared Pages;
  • Whether you have Share Buttons in your articles to make it easy for visitors to share;
  • The number of Social Media Shares (or signals) audited pages received on Social Media;
  • Whether you have Social ‘Follow me’ Buttons on your pages that make it easy for visitors to discover your social media profiles;
  • Open Graph protocol implementation;
  • Twitter Card implementation.


One of the most important ranking factors remains – to this day – the number of quality backlinks you have to your site. Our site performance audit will tell you:
  • Your MOZ Backlinks Count
  • Your links with noFollow


Your website’s authority will determine how likely it is for your site to rank on the first page of Google. We analyze the following aspects:

  • Page Authority
  • Alexa Rank
  • Site icon implementation
  • iPad and iPhone Icons

Full Control Over Audited Pages

Not all pages inside a site are meant for SEO purposes.

With the new Squirrly Audit, YOU choose which pages get audited so that you’ll get relevant insight about the pages that you actually want to rank on Google. This also allows you to monitor the pages that are most important to you right now. 

Compare Multiple Audits - All in One Panel

Easily keep track of changes and understand how your site evolves over time.

There Are Thousands Of Websites Just Like Yours That Want To Be On The First Pages of Google.

Do You Have What It takes to Outrank Them?

Create a Squirrly SEO account now to receive your first site performance Audit.

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“I use Squirrly every time I create a new post.”

– Neil Patel, Co-Founder of KissMetrics.

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