Make Sure Your Site Is Always on Google’s Radar

Use Squirrly’s Sitemap Generator and Settings to help your site get crawled and indexed by Google.

Help Search Engines Crawl Your Website Better

Having different types of pages or content can help your WordPress site be more interesting and better support your marketing goals.

  • images
  • videos
  • custom taxonomies
  • custom post types
  • products – for eCommerce sites
  • Google News

However, once you enable or add these elements to your site, there will be lots of data for search engine bots to crawl and index.

Bots need to:

  • know which pages are more important
  • see which of your content has changed
  • understand your site architecture

This is where a sitemap comes into play.

The Solution is to structure everything so that it looks neat and organized in Google’s “eyes”. The forms it comes in is an XML file which:

  • allows you to tally URLs which search engines can crawl and then index.
  • contains metadata – such as the date of last updates or the frequency of changes – for the respective URLs.

Why Do I Need an XML Sitemap Generator?

To Google, a structured website is extremely appealing and a standout among other billion sites out there.

It makes sense – a website that has a sitemap enabled will render its links in a more adequate list, thus sparing search engine bots loads of crawling time.

It’s like in business – partners will more likely collaborate with you if they see you have neat processes and everything is in place. By having an XML sitemap, you’ll have a much better chance of cultivating a stronger, ongoing partnership with search engines. 

With Squirrly, all you have to do is use Squirrly Sitemap XML feature, from the SEO Configuration > Tweaks & Sitemaps section.

What Next?

Just adding the sitemap won’t cut it in the long term.

With Google, you always have to be on the lookout.

That’s why Squirrly steps in with a few nifty settings to give you that upper hand against your competitors.

How Squirrly SEO Makes Everything Easier

1. Ping your website to Google and Bing when you post some new content. Your latest posts will be added automatically to the sitemap.

2. Select what type of content you want to add to the sitemap.

3. Include images and videos separately, which will allow Google to index them with the proper keyword.

4. Take into account how often you update your site. 

With Squirrly’s Sitemap Generator and settings, Google will be notified of updates to your site right after you make them.

Help Google help you and your website will become more powerful.

This way, your efforts to build quality content will meet the rankings they deserve.

Don’t just take our word for it
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Squirrly SEO plugin helps you to build different XML sitemaps and automatically update the Google webmaster when new content is published on your blog.
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Judy Mcnutt
Judy Mcnutt
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Quick Sprout
Quick Sprout
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SEO Squirrly is designed specifically for people who aren’t experts in SEO.Other plugins have different ways to access and implement SEO suggestions, but SEO Squirrly brings this to the next level.
Jason Baigent
Jason BaigentFounder at Niche Supermarket Ventures
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Fabulous Plugin. Used Squirrly Premium Plugin for over a year and even though I think I understand SEO well, I will not ever give up my Squirrly subscription. Truly the best. Excellent advice, excellent service, and produces excellent results. If you want traffic to your site and confidence that your SEO is on point, on track and ip to date - Get Squirrly!
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Monica Dasher
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