Use Squirrly to get to the first page of Google in 1 week


Social Lift alternative


67,700,000 pages.


Under One Week

You can use Squirrly to rank a WordPress website in one week. Or you can use it to become the 3rd position in Google search in three weeks.

You can even use Squirrly to rank a page in one year, if you keep insisting on working in the wrong way with that particular page. Yes, it might take even more than one year, if you’re not doing it right.

Out of 67,700,000 results which Google could have displayed to someone searching for “Social Lift alternative”, the search engine giant chose our page. And it kept it in the TOP 10 search results.

How long did it take me to rank that page?

Under one week.

How many other pages did Google consider to display for that search query?

67,700,000 pages.

Why did it choose mine?

Because mine made the most sense for the search engine.

What does that mean? To create a page that makes sense for the search engine to display within the first 10 results?

Now, this is a longer story.

First of all, the page needed to make sense for my business.

Why? Because you can rank any page you want on Google in a few minutes or a few hours if you apply this 100% White-Hat method right here. Yes, it is 100% approved by Google. Read it. It’s a nice experiment and a good way to understand how to think about SEO in a strategic way.

Did it make sense for our business here at the Squirrly Company?

  • Yes it did. Our Squirrly Social product is revolutionary for the field of social media scheduling tools. So we need more people to see it. Once they see it they need to buy it.
  • Social Lift is a popular competitor which people who are interested in buying social media tools search for BEFORE settling down and deciding which social media tool to buy.
  • SO: let’s recap… if we did MANAGE to land in the first 10 results in Google search (out of millions of other pages): would it be worth it for us? YES, because we’d bring in exactly the hungry customers who really need to decide on a social media tool ASAP. They’re ready to buy a social media tool. We don’t have a lot of “educating” or “convincing” to do any more. We don’t need to move them through a long Buyer’s Journey or Funnel. We need to serve them that page and it will help them make up their minds!!!

teach you A LOT about choosing keywords which make sense for your business in this lesson right here.

Okay, so first the page needs to make sense for me and for my business.

I’ve seen websites of very popular Superstars and Experts in SEO and Digital Marketing who get millions of visitors each month solely from SEO; yet who can’t manage to rank some of their pages in TOP 10 positions, because the keywords for which those pages are optimized do NOT make sense for their websites.

It’s beyond the scope of the portfolio of keywords they’d built up until that point.

If it doesn’t really make sense for them, it won’t really make sense for the END USER (the person doing the search on Google) which would be bad business for Google as well.

That page doesn’t make sense for any of the three: the company, the end user, the search engine.

That’s what you’ll have to avoid if you plan on ranking a page in one week.

I even have good story of how a customer of ours ranked in TOP 20 on Google in under one week, and then landed on position #3 in just a few more weeks. And that is SEO done by a (by then) beginner, not by people in the SEO industry like we are. Now, I’m certain Drew knows quite a lot about SEO, since he’s even managing to out-rank his suppliers.

SO: why did we outrank G2 Crowd and other sistes… even sites owned by Gartner?

Because the page we’ve created makes sense for us, for the end user and for Google.

Because our website already has many published and appreciated, high quality articles written on subjects such as “social media”, “social media marketing”, “social media tools”, “digital marketing”, “digital marketing tools”. We also have one of the Internet’s best courses ever on generating 10,000 page views from Social Media Networks: like Twitter, Google, LinkedIN, etc.

See? We usually talk about these things. Which makes Google see that we are experts on the subject. This increases our likelihood of being ranked.

Also: appreciated and high quality is measured by the search engine using METRICS. Using numbers that tell it that our site is “the real deal” in this area of expertise.

What are such metrics?

Time on page, bounce rate, returning visitors, bringing people over and over again to our pages dedicated to social media tools and social media lessons.

You see?

These were critical to us being able to rank our Social Lift Alternative page in under one week.

These conditions… actually: meeting these conditions was really important for the speed with which we’ve ranked so fast on the Google search engines. Not all websites in the world could have done this.

Then: it was all a matter of increasing our Chances of ranking, by using the Proven Method developed by the Squirrly Company in the focus pages section of the Squirrly SEO Plugin.

And we only turned a few of the elements from Red to Green, because we already reached our intended destination: the first page of Google.

One Page ranked in One Week. Objective Achieved!

Now let’s do it again


PromoRepublic alternative


31,900 pages.


Under One Week

Out of 31,900 pages that Google could display to a person searching for “PromoRepublic alternative” on the search giant, our page was displayed in the first 10 results in under ONE WEEK after publishing the page. We even out-ranked some of our biggest competitors for our Squirrly Social product.

(Squirrly Social is a different product than Squirrly SEO)

This was also done in under one week. We did it the week after our first success with the alternative pages.

And it worked, because it did bring us paying customers for the social media tools they’ve seen listed as an alternative on the page.

Now, on the promorepublic page, we had to spend a lot more time working with the RED elements that Squirrly SEO has show us in the Focus Pages section.

We’ve made the page over 1,500 words long, we’ve worked on image SEO, we improved platform Health and platform SEO to get this done.

We’d also used our mailing lists to bring traffic to our page, so that Google can get a good measure of the time that people would naturally spend on this page.

Because the hundreds of people that we brought to see the page spent over 5 minutes on average on the page, Google saw this page was of great quality.

You see? Even though we managed the same thing: getting a page in TOP 10 on Google in under 1 week, we had to do a lot more work, because the pages which were trying to rank for “promorepubic alternative” were a LOT better in terms of quality than the alternaive pages created for the previous tool.

So, it’s 67 Million to 31 thousand… yet, it was harder to become TOP 10 out of a few thousand competing pages, than it was to get TOP 10 rankings out of millions of pages.

That’s EXACTLY why you should use our Keyword Research Tool (available in the Squirrly SEO Plugin). It will perform very advanced analysis automatically to figure out the chances that YOUR site has to outrank the other pages which are competing for the same keyword.

Disclaimer for this page, since rankings change easily on Google. And then Success Stories from Customers who had FANTASTIC results after using Squirrly:

Just a short message before so you understand our situation if at the present time you are questioning our Page 1 rankings for “promorepublic alternative”

However, if you want to check out success stories, check the ones I’ve linked to at the bottom of this page. Our customers don’t get attacked like we do, so there search rankings are stable and can be checked.

I’ve talked in this video why we usually don’t publish our own results (we were in TOP 10 of Google many months for “SERP Checker”, until we were de-ranked by competitors). Because the industry of SEO tools is so competitive, there are a lot of under-handed tactics which are used against us. Some of our time is spent on taking down pages from Google which infringe our trademark or our intellectual property. And that is just fighting off the easy things which are done against us.

There is good news: it will not be the case for you, because other than anything related to SEO, people don’t really know all the shady tactics that can be used to de-rank websites from Google once they have been ranked.

And the closing remark to this: After the 4th of April 2019, one of our competitors managed to get us BANNED from Facebook for almost 3 months after this year’s most important event for our company. Which totally hurt our new affiliate program and we had to delay launching it.

Luckily, the Squirrly Company (Squirrly Limited, registered in the United Kingdom is backed by Angel Investors and a few partners who have great connections at some of the world’s biggest companies) so we’ve managed to get past that moment.

I think that it’s important to know that usually, for any search request that a “desired customer” of yours makes on Google, the search engine giant has about 22 Million pages it can show to that potential customer.

Now, you naturally want YOUR website to be there in front, not at the bottom of those 22 Million pages. Even for an obscure keyword like “novelty books meaning”, the search engine has 24,400,000 results to display.

To be in front, or to be “well ranked on Google” means to be on the first page of search results. Which means the top 10 positions.

Why would Google choose your page out of millions of other pages on the web?

The next 5 people managed to get there. And you will, too.

A small business owner made it happen easily, with a brand new site.

A blogger shared how she was blown away by how simple it is to rank on Google once you know the subtleties.

This content marketer didn’t believe that there is a plugin which actually delivers results. Until she did (and you can read).

After one year of learning about SEO from us, from Moz, from aHrefs, this amazing marketer still shares how the subtleties we teach (and highlight in our tool) make all the difference in the world.

There’s even an Agency focused on helping clients win big with Social Media Marketing which explains how we’ve provided them with the best “weapon” in their arsenal.

This is the end of our document where talk about ways in which you can become one of the top results in Google search in under one week, by using the Squirrly SEO Plugin.