Squirrly’s Blogging Assistant Provides Access to Advanced Research Solutions for Writers inside WordPress

As a blogger, you need both focus and inspiration to do your best work. But it’s hard to stay focused when researching an article and jumping from one tab to another.

With Squirrly’s Blogging Assistant, this will no longer be an issue.

Work smarter!
No need to leave your WordPress Editor!

Creating media-rich content is now within a click’s reach. Keep your focus intact and resources close by, and you’ll master the art of effective content creation.
Access essential resources right from your WordPress Editor:
The Blogging Assistant is placed right above the Live Assistant section, on the right side of your WordPress Editor. These two features work hand in hand to help you create content that is both human and Google-friendly.

No need to open a dozen other tabs to find everything you need!

It All Starts with a Keyword

The Squirrly SEO Plugin was built so as to incorporate a suite of research tools for writers.

Just type in a keyword, and the Blogging Assistant is ready to support your content creation efforts.

Supercharge Your Content’s Potential
with Just ONE Tool

Insert Copyright-free Images Right from Your Editor

Based on your keyword, the Blogging Assistant will retrieve relevant Copyright-free images to include in your post. Plus, it automatically adds your keyword in the ALT text of the image.

Integrate References and Trending Topics

Not only does Squirrly provide SEO optimization for the non-SEO experts, but it also helps you create well-rounded articles. How? By offering you the possibility to integrate tweets, wikis, and blog excerpts.


Clicking on the Twitter icon gets you instant access to a stream of topic-related Tweets.

Click on “Insert it!” and the incorporated Tweet(s) will add more substance to your article.


Browse through Wikipedia articles to get more insight or quick fact-checking on your topic.

You can both read and insert the information you need as a reference.

Blog Excerpts

Find topic-related articles written by fellow bloggers or influencers.

Browse them, see what catches your eye, insert a box with excerpts of your choice or click on “Reference” to give credit to the original authors.

Plus, a golden hack: when in need for competitor research, don’t leave your WordPress Editor. Squirrly made sure you get instant access to what fellow bloggers post on a certain topic.

Find Quick Internal Linking Opportunities

When you want to link to some previously written articles on your blog, there’s no need to do the whole ‘Save Draft > Go to Dashboard > Search’ click sequence all over again.

The Blogging Assistant keeps you in the writing zone while also making inner linking a breeze.

Just select the quote icon, and Squirrly automatically browses your WordPress for previously written articles you want to cite or insert.

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