Squirrly SEO: Guaranteed to Bring You Rankings

The New Squirrly SEO is Guaranteed to Bring You Rankings.

Rank Faster.

Because our new A.I. decodes the way Google’s algorithms keep changing, we can tell you for sure that you are going to start getting pages to the First Page of Google Search.

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We will give you your money back if you Follow ALL the next guidelines for One Page on Your Site and you won’t manage to rank it in One Month after you add it to the Focus Pages section in the New Squirrly SEO.

  • One Page to Rank in One Month. Calculated from the moment you’ve added it to Focus Pages.
  • Your site is NOT penalized by Google.*
  • Keyword (Main Keyword) is composed of minimum 3 words And Competition Level is: Very Easy to Rank.
  • Visibility Section of Focus Pages is All-Green.
  • Traffic Health Section of Focus Pages is All-Green.
  • Inner Links Section of Focus Pages is All-Green.
  • At Least 20 Social Signals for the focus page.
  • Audit Score Over 74, (minimum 20 pages from your entire site added to that audit to be verified).
  • You Get the Chances of Ranking Score to 100%.
  • Content-Length is at least 1,500 words (Squirrly teaches you how to easily write good 1,500 words content in any industry).
  • You’ve gone through the 14 Days Journey (a free, two weeks training program inside the plugin) at least once since you first started using Squirrly SEO.

^^ If you complete ALL conditions written above, Florin (CEO and Co-Founder) or Calin (CTO and Co-Founder) will personally give you a FULL REFUND.

This works for: a normal website page, an events page, a blog post, a product page, a service page, an e-commerce product page.

This is just how confident we are that you will love Squirrly and that you will start getting traffic and customers from Google.

Upgrade now!

Watch the video below to see WHY we can guarantee you faster Rankings:

*Your site is NOT penalized by Google. (and is not a copyright infringement site (music, video, etc downloads), it’s not with Adult-only content, gambling, and other illegal things that trigger Google’s algorithms to de-rank you).

We’re not saying that those sites can’t rank… it’s just that we can’t offer the guarantee for them because Google actively tries to hide such sites from search.

🏆 Squirrly SEO – Guaranteed to Bring You Rankings.