Recent Twitch LiveStreams

Plenty of new videos and livestreams have appeared, thanks to your ideas and your questions for us.

We had to re-upload some of the videos back to Twitch (that’s why you will see a low viewer count), because Twitch keeps them only for 14 days and I didn’t think there would be so much interest weeks after we first streamed them.

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Official Launch Event Starts Now. Join us in the Live Chat

It begins now. The Official Launch for Squirrly SEO 2020.

The Keynote, Developer Updates, and Tutorial sections of the Live Event on Youtube today will have the best prizes.

I am super excited to share this new innovation and the news surrounding this product.

However, the feedback on Product Hunt today and the conversations around the prize drops we are releasing inside the comments section and also on the Live Chat on Youtube, will make this an amazing day together.

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How to Start Using the Non-Human SEO Consultant from Squirrly

Go ahead to WordPress – Plugins and update your version of Squirrly SEO today (if you haven’t already) to 10.0.3. to get the first-ever non-human SEO consultant inside your WordPress.

Read the article, it will show you how to use the new SEO Consultant that comes with every new installation of Squirrly SEO 2020.

You’ll be able to use the Daily SEO GOALS, get the full 100% SEO Protection, and see Success Messages once they happen for your site.

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Images and Videos in the Press Kit for Squirrly 2020

This Media Kit is prepared especially for the release of Squirrly 2020: The Non-Human SEO Consultant.

It’s to be used together with news from the:

Squirrly 2020 Answers Call from Small Businesses for Affordable SEO Marketing Support with First-Ever Non-Human SEO Consultant (press release)

Media Contact Person: Florin Muresan, the CEO of the Squirrly Company. (photos included if needed)

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